Venom Street now keeps ALL available species of Asian Naja, and we have bred all but 1 of those species


     My brother and I have kept snakes since the late 60's. Besides USA species, we have kept Asian and African Cobras and other Elapids, OZ/PNG Elapids, and Vipers from Africa, Asia and S. America. We have always liked Asian Cobras the most, so a few years ago, we decided to specialize in them. I met my wife Nang while on a trip to Thailand, and in January 2012, she moved here, and is our partner, and has been working with us breeding and caring for the snakes.

     We now have 9 of the 11 recognized species of Asian Naja in our collection. Two species, Naja mandalayensis and Naja sagittifera are not available legally at this time.

     We do keep a pair of the Banded form of the African Naja specie Naja annulifera. We are still looking for specimens of the species we do not keep, and mates or extras for the specimens we do keep. Check out our "Specimens Wanted" page at the link above.

With our friend Taksa at the Thai Red Cross Snake Farm.






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